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My name is Yarob. In order for me to tell you about this blog, I need to tell you a small piece of my story first.

We’re excited to announce upcoming guest blogs by our new friend, Yarob! Please allow him to introduce himself.

My name is Yarob. In order for me to tell you about this blog, I need to tell you a small piece of my story first.

I have always loved music. Like a lot of Arabs, I grew up listening to Fairouz every morning at my mother’s holy coffee ritual. I listened to her on the bus to school, in the coffeeshop where my father and his friends smoked Argileh, on the streets of busy local markets. Everywhere. 

After the war started, my family and I had to leave Syria, and I lost my connection to music. Suddenly music ( and art in all forms ) was a thing of the past, something for which we lacked the energy or the mood. 

Two years ago, I turned 19 and decided that I wanted to reconnect with my old self and my lost musical heritage. The two were so intertwined that I could not see and embrace one without the other. I started listening to Fairouz again. And more importantly, I started discovering young voices that were telling my story and that of my people. I found out about this global community of marginalized, oppressed and incredibly talented young artists, performers, and creators of all genres and backgrounds. I found the grace to accept, mourn, and rejoice in those voices who bravely and fiercely call out the wounds in our lives and stories. I found healing. And I felt a familiar sense of belonging, for the first time since I left the motherland.  

This year I decided that I want to amplify those voices in whatever way I can. So I reached out to Assasi and S6ef for help. Besides being two of the most talented and special people I have ever met, they were so generous to let me start out by writing this guest blog on the Bilad El-Sham music website!

I will be talking to some of the most talented people I meet, asking them questions about art, self, and story. You will be able to read my reflections on those conversations here in this blog. 

I hope you will join me in learning more about art and creativity and how they can shape our personal and collective stories, and how we can find  community in hearing someone tell a very similar story to our own, with all its difference, pain, and beauty. 

Our first interview comes up later this month! My first discussion will be with our dear friend Sarbasst, a Kurdish rapper from Syria and one of the most talented guys out there.

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See you then! 


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